How social media has changed public relations

Social media has infiltrated nearly every industry. Public relations practitioners now have to tweak and change their strategies in order to make sure they engage their audiences in the best way possible. Not only are we now changing the way we communicate and share information with key audiences, we are now using social media to listen, interact and connect with our consumers. With that in mind, Business2Community have outlined 5 ways that social media has left its mark on the PR industry:

1. It’s a two-way street: Thanks to social media PR practitioners are able to connect with their audiences on a more human level by inviting conversation, interaction and feedback.

2. Constant engagement: Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5 schedules. Social media now allows consumers to engage with brands at any time and it’s up to PR practitioners to facilitate constant engagement.

3. Increased demand for digital pros: The most successful PR people aren’t afraid to explore and embrace new technologies.

4. Navigating the new landscape: By focusing on a balanced mix of social media and traditional PR like media releases and articles, PR practitioners can help spread customer touch points across all functions within a company.

5. The ever changing definition of success: No matter what it is in social media, quality reigns over quantity. Long term approaches to social media always gathers the most powerful return on investment.